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Blepping In Cats

January 15, 2023

Have you ever spotted your cat just sitting there with her tongue sticking out? This is officially called blepping, and is definitely adorable to see. Of course, given how complex and unique our feline pals are, you may be wondering if this is a sign that something is wrong, or just another one of Fluffy’s many adorable (and purrplexing) quirks. A local vet discusses blepping in this article.

Behind The Blep

There are actually a few possible reasons your furry buddy may be blepping. One possible option would be that Fluffy is investigating a taste or scent in the air. She also may have stuck her tongue out if she was startled—perhaps during one of her daily grooming sessions—and then got distracted and forgot about it. Kitties that are missing teeth are also more likely to blep: that gap just makes it easy. Cats may also blep when they are feeling relaxed or happy. Of course, we can’t entirely discount the possibility that Fluffy actually is sticking her tongue out at you. That does seem like something cats would do!

Concerning Bleps

Most of the time, bleps are silly and harmless … not to mention highly comical. However, there are a few potential points of concern to be aware of.  If your feline friend seems to be blepping a lot, there’s a chance that she could be blepping because of pain in her mouth. This is something to be aware of if your cat has only recently become a blepper, or if she is blepping much more often than she used to. Your kitty could also be nauseous, or having trouble breathing. Keep an eye out for other signs of illness, such as bad breath, vomiting, withdrawal, drooling, swelling, or changes in behavior. Contact your vet ASAP if you notice anything amiss.

What To Do

So what should you do if your feline buddy bleps? Well, assuming that Fluffy has gotten the all-clear from her vet, there’s only one thing to do: take her picture! We never get tired of seeing cute photos of our furry friends. Plus, this is a cute way to spread some cheer, and maybe put a smile on someone’s face. If there’s one thing that cats are good at—aside from napping—that would be it.

Do you have any questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us anytime! We’re here to help!

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