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4 Great Ways To Hide A Litterbox

August 15, 2021

Do you and your feline pal live in an apartment? Kitties are great pets for people who don’t have a lot of space. Fluffy doesn’t need much room to run and play, as long as she has plenty of toys and comfy napping spots. However, having a litterbox can be tricky for people who live in apartments. After all, Fluffy’s powder room is unsightly, and can also get, well, a bit smelly. We can help! In this article, a Pelham, ON vet lists some simple ways to hide your pet’s purrsonal powder room.

Folding Screen

One easy way to hide the litterbox is to buy a folding screen or room divider. Set it up kitty corner, leaving just enough space for Fluffy to get in and out. You may want to hang thick plastic sheets on the back of the screen to protect it.

Repurposed Chest

This option will work with anything that is box-shaped. Choose something that has doors or a lid, such as a wooden chest, a wicker basket, or an end table with doors. You can even use a plastic storage tote. Cut a hole in one side for your furry friend to get in and out. You’ll be able to use the existing doors or lid for cleaning access. This is a great option for people who enjoy thrifting and/or upcycling items.

Custom Pieces

Want an easier option? Look for things that were specifically made to disguise litterboxes. There are now quite a few companies producing this type of furniture. You may be surprised at how attractive and useful some of these pieces are! Of course, you may spend a bit more money going this route, but you’ll also have an attractive, functional piece that should last a while.

End Table Hack

Get an end table with four legs, and slide the litterbox under it. Then, hang a piece of pretty fabric over the top. Drape it so Fluffy can easily get in and out. Be sure to choose something you can wash! You may also want to put a pet-safe plant on the table. This will not only look nice, it will help purify the air. The ASPCA has a complete list of safe and unsafe options here.

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