Amazing Transformation

Meet Lizzy…an adorable 12 month old Maltipoo.

Lizzy came to see us in May with some very marked swelling in her mouth. Upon further investigation Dr. Bos diagnosed Lizzy with Unerupted Permanent Teeth, Dentigerous Cysts and Gingival Hyperplasia.

Lizzy had abnormal soft tissue around her teeth that had not erupted past the gum line. Unerupted/embedded teeth are often found within these oral cysts. These cysts are benign lesions which expand from continuous fluid secretion. These cysts typically contain embedded teeth or dental remnant tissue and are tremendously destructive! The earlier they are diagnosed and treated, the more the localized destruction can be minimized. Bone, periodontal tissues and teeth can be destroyed by these cysts and this local destruction can cause a weakened jaw and contribute to jaw fractures.

It was clear that Lizzy would require surgery in the interest of providing her with a mouth free of pain and infection. Her teeth were providing no functional value and the excess tissue needed to be removed to prevent further damage to her mouth anatomy.

Surgery would involve elevating the flaps to remove any persistent primary (baby) teeth and all the adult teeth. These teeth are malformed and would not provide any functional use.

The excess gingival soft tissue is then removed and then sutures are placed.

Lizzy has recovered remarkably form surgery. Already three days post surgery we can see a marked improvement. The swelling and redness in her mouth has decreased significantly.

One week after surgery Lizzy looks that much better again.

This before and after picture shows that the transformation is absolutely amazing. While Dr. Bos removed most teeth he was able to save the four canine teeth. Although the alignment of these teeth is a little bit off we are hopeful that Lizzy will be able to keep them.

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