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Safety Tips For The Dog Park

Does your dog get super excited when he hears the word ‘park?’ The dog park is one of Fido’s favorite spots! Our canine pals both enjoy and benefit from being able to interact and play with other pups. However, you …
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5 Ways to Keep an Outdoor Cat Healthy

Do you allow Fluffy to go outside? Maybe you’ve adopted, or half-adopted, a local feline friend? While it’s always recommended that you keep your kitty inside, we do know that some cats enjoy investigating the Great Outdoors. Others might never …
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Ways to Help Fido Cope With Fireworks

Happy Canada Day! While many of us are really looking forward to celebrating our beautiful country, it’s also important to remember that this can be a very dangerous holiday for our canine companions. Many dogs are absolutely terrified of fireworks! …
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Caring for a Brachycephalic Pet

Does your pet have one of those cute, smooshed-in faces? If so, you have a brachycephalic buddy! Several of our canine companions are brachycephalic. These include the Boston Terrier, English and French Bulldogs, Pekinese, Pug, Cavalier King Charles, English Mastiff, …
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Jerky Day

June 12th is Jerky Day! It’s also Red Rose Day, World Gin Day, and National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, but we’ll stick to the one most relevant to our patients: jerky. This is a pretty popular snack among our canine …
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