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Senior Dog Care Tips


Have you noticed grey around your dog’s muzzle? Is Fido more interested in naps than in chasing squirrels these days? Dogs are just as cute in their senior years as they are as puppies. However, their needs do change a bit as they grow older. Read on as a local Fonthill, ON vet discusses caring … Read More »

Walking Your Dog In Winter


Does your canine pal like winter? If you have a snow dog, like a husky, Fido may love romping and playing in the snow. Pups with thinner fur, however, are usually much less enthusiastic. Regardless of what category your pooch falls into, you’ll need to take some extra precautions when walking your dog at this … Read More »

Doggy Dental Care Tips


Do your pet’s affectionate smooches leave you gagging? Fido isn’t exactly known for having winter-fresh breath. However, bad breath can be a sign of doggy dental issues. A local Pelham, ON vet discusses doggy dental care below. Common Issues Gum disease is one of the most prevalent dental issues we see in dogs. In fact, … Read More »

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