When to Remove Lumps and Bumps

When to Remove Lumps and Bumps

As our pets age…just like humans…you will often discover different lumps and bumps developing. It is often just a matter of time before your pet will develop a skin tag, sebaceous cyst, wart, tumor, or a fatty mass called a lipoma.

As your pet’s body changes it will become important to monitor any new bumps and lumps that appear. While a growth that does not seem to change is not an immediate concern it is important to mention it to your vet on your next visit. On the other hand a lump or bump that is rapidly growing or changing shape, texture or color AT ANY AGE should be evaluated by your veterinarian sooner than later.

Often an evaluation will include a fine needle aspirate. This is a type of biopsy procedure in which cells are extracted from the mass and evaluated by a pathologist for evaluation and preliminary diagnosis.

Removal of a lump or bump is advocated when there is a potential for cancerous cells or when the mass is impinging on the animals comfort and quality of life. In some cases a benign mass that is not bothering a pet does not need to be removed.


Dog’s Name : Riley

Age: 13 months

Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Riley came to the clinic with a very large mass on the left side of the neck. A biopsy done at 7 months of age showed that the tumor was a spindle cell sarcoma. This is a type of connective tissue cancer in which the cells are spindle shaped under examination under a microscope.

With a mass of this size and with cancerous properties the best option for Riley was surgical excision of the mass. This is not only the case because of the cancerous cells but also because of the discomfort a mass of this size would create.

Once Dr. Bos had made an elliptical incision he discovered that both jugular veins were passing through the base of the mass.

Once the incision was safely removed a drain was installed along the length of the incision.

The mass proved to be 2.25 lbs and quite large.

The next day Riley came in and the incisions was looking really good.

After 4 days Riley was back in the clinc to have the drain removed. A neck brace was applied to absorb the drainage from the incision

Riley is recovering very well from this surgery and healing nicely

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