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Barry CurrieBarry Currie

We Highly recommend Balfour Animal Hospital they are all Wonderful...Dr.Boss isn't to bad either haha! Just joking...He truly is Awesome with the pets & is very helpful...They all go above and beyond...Great Customer Service...Keep up The Great Work...Our boy Zeus - American Bulldog / Boxer was always in good hands there & the day we had to lay him to rest was the hardest day of our lives...They all were very comforting & helped us get through it....Thanks again for everything...The Currie Family...

Gloria LonsdaleGloria Lonsdale

I really enjoy going to this clinic. They care for their patients and I always have such great conversations with the staff.

Julie RobertJulie Robert

I have been to other clinics but was never happy. I felt the vets never explained things to be, so I never knew how to help my dog. It wasn't till I started going to Balfour veterinary clinic and met Ivan and he took the time to explain things to me that I knew I had made the right choice of changing clinics. Everyone is so friendly and My dog Zoey just loves going there for visits. Thanks Balfour veterinary clinic for everything you do.

Christine CaronChristine Caron

Dr. Bos is a very caring vet. Explains everything so I understand. really like him and this clinic

Maryjane PorterMaryjane Porter

Best vet and animal hospital out there. Worth the 30 minute drive!!

Mark HammerMark Hammer

Dr. Boz is the best vet I have ever taken my pets to. Cats, dogs, he treats them all like family and you won't ever regret bringing your pet here. So far, four black cats and counting: Sneaky, Spooky, Brave & Blackie, plus his knowledge of dangerous (and non-dangerous) wildlife is always impressive. Annnnd you can always trust a guy with a golden retriever!

Leashka VisLeashka Vis

I absolutely love this vet. I unfortunately had to put our family pet down in an emergency and everyone was so helpful and comforting at that awful time. Ivan is the best, most honest vet I have EVER met. His co workers are also fantastic! Highly recommend!

Brooke MaslinkBrooke Maslink

This place is half hour from our house but always worth the drive every single time. Ivan and the staff genuinely care and treat every animal as their own. He has taken care of both our rabbits and dog with compassion and understanding. Not only that, but twice now we've had an emergency with our one rabbit and he's taken her in immediately and always follows up after to see how she's doing. That's the kind of vet you should trust with your pets.

Natalie Trottier SchaubNatalie Trottier Schaub

3 rd visit here. First visit with Dr Boz really liked him with our puppy. 2nd visit with Dr Boz was great as well. Todays visit with Dr Reid. He checked her real good, gave her her 2nd vaccine, was really good with her. Fiona doesn't say a peep, she feels comfortable. Doc told me how much he can see that I love her to pieces!! Front desk is also super friendly. very happy to have this place a few minutes away from my home! A big thank you for caring for my Fiona like she's family!!

Cristina CurrieCristina Currie

Dr.Boss ia the best vet iv ever seen. My dog ripped his ligament and Dr.Boss operated on the 1st. Hes doing better, in a little pain but doing better. Dudley just absalutly loves him, we can drive by and ill say "theres Dr.Boss" and Dudley starts to look and whine. He pulls us into the office. Great job, and Sherry is awesome too !!! � love u all.

Laura Vanderhout DonkerLaura Vanderhout Donker

Absolutely only trust Ivan with bubba, he has been so good to bubba and explains everything in full detail. Ivan treats them like his own and cares so much to see them get better or see results and always has their interest at heart. <3 Balfour I take a 30 minute drive just to get bubba in the best care.

Judy AdamsonJudy Adamson

Thank you to all the staff for their professional and compassionate care given to our sweet boy, Manny. In a compassionate manner Dr. Bos explained treatment options along with realistic expectations. Manny's improvements were celebrated and his set backs attended to promptly. All of our visits and phone calls were received with warmth and support. In our opinion we received gold standard care for Manny.

Diane HorneDiane Horne

Hello I went to this animal hospital and my poor puppy had so many bumps and no one could figure out what was wrong. The hole litter of 5 had it and the breeder wasn’t helping us and we have all taken our pups to different vets and still no answers! Our puppies were not getting better I took my 4mnth old here and they were all amazing and treated me like a person and my puppy was so happy and felt comfortable with everyone here and finally my puppy is getting better! They even have called to check up on my puppy to see if she doing ok, that call goes a long way! So 💯 percent i would recommend!!! They are amazing so kind and friendly and amazing with my puppy so I am very great full to everyone at Balfour Animal Hospital you are amazing!!!!

Mark BulmerMark Bulmer

Dr. Boz is always conscious of the needs of the pet and gives honest advice.

Anita ManderAnita Mander

Dr. Bos is the best vet I have ever had. He treats all of my pets as if they were his own. All of the staff there are amazing and offer great customer service. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!

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