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Scott Reid, DVM

At the young age of just 7 years old, Dr. Scott Reid already knew with certainty that he wanted to become a veterinarian when he grew up. It was an ambition he shared with both his father and grandfather, however, it was an accomplishment that only he was able to see through to fruition. Today, Dr. Reid is thrilled to be the first vet in his family and proud to be carrying out the family dream.

Dr. Reid completed his senior year of high school in a town just north of Chicago before going on to attend the University of Guelph. From there, he was accepted into the Ontario Veterinary College, where he earned his DVM in 1987. Over the years, he has been blessed to work with virtually every species of animal imaginable, from anteaters and zebras to fish and even a few whales.

Dr. Reid has authored several scientific papers and has also published a book containing memorable stories of the amazing people and animals he’s encountered throughout his exciting career. Professionally, Dr. Reid loves providing much-needed relief to animals and their families.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Reid is married with three grown children. He and his wife own a pony and a cat named Fudge, who likes to greet people at the door and knows how to fetch toys. In their spare time, the Reids love to travel and have been to every province and US state. The couple’s last continent to visit will be Antarctica.

Dr. Scott Reid, DVM