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Winter Cat Care Tips

November 15, 2019

Ontario isn’t exactly known for having mild winters. Whether you love the cold or just bundle up and count the days until spring, you can’t ignore that frigid weather. This can be a dangerous season for cats. Fluffy may have a fur coat on, but she still needs protection from the cold! Here, a local Fonthill, ON vet lists some winter cat care tips.

Keep Kitties In

Cats are always safer staying inside, where they’re protected from cars, stray animals, chemicals, and other dangers. Winter is especially hazardous for adventurous kitties. First and foremost, those freezing temperatures are just as dangerous for pets as they are for people! Fluffy could also get trapped in deep snow, or fall through thin ice. Another issue is that snow masks scents and landmarks that help kitties find their way home. This means your pet will be more likely to get lost.

Parasite Control

Although fleas and ticks aren’t as problematic in winter as they are in summer, that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. These unwanted parasites will start trying to get inside as soon as it gets cold. Keep up with Fluffy’s preventative care products.

Offer Warm Napping Spots

Did you know that cats somehow manage to sleep even more than usual when it’s cold and dreary out? Make sure your kitty has lots of comfy napping spots. Get her a few store-bought beds, and put them near heaters or in sunny spots. Fluffy also enjoys snoozing on soft, folded throw blankets. For extra purrs, get your furball a thermal blanket.


Fluffy may very well sleep through a good chunk of winter. Don’t let your kitty become a complete couch potato! Keep her fit, active, and entertained by playing with her regularly. Even a few minutes of running and pouncing will be beneficial.


Some cats stay home alone during the day, while their humans are working or in school. If you won’t be back before dark, turn a light on for Fluffy before you leave. That way, she won’t be left alone in a dark, quiet house. It’s worth noting that older cats often get stiff and sore in cold weather. If Fluffy is in her golden years, ask your vet for specific advice.

Please contact us, your Pelham, ON vet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!